Water matters, and this is why says BWCA

Water matters, and this is why says BWCA

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) is launching a new hydration fact sheet called Why Water Matters… specifically for catering and food service workers.

The initiative reminds businesses that, because of the heat, professional kitchens and food preparation areas mean that workers can easily become dehydrated. This is not just bad for their moods and their health; it can impair performance and even lead to accidents as a result of a lack of concentration.

Coming from the leading association representing those who supply and distribute water coolers and related products and services, the document reminds workers of the benefits offered by water coolers. Why Water Matters… describes the best means of providing on-site hydration and gives useful advice on using and choosing a water cooler.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, BWCA General Manager, says: “Staff are a key resource for any catering or food service business so it’s important to keep them hydrated, alert, efficient and happy. With this in place, business is likely to thrive and something as simple as a water cooler can make a big contribution to the health and well-being of staff.”

Even a small fall in hydration levels can mean a drop in concentration. Phillipa adds: “Failing concentration levels can lead to mistakes, headaches, irritability, lethargy or just an overall lack of alertness as well as longer term and more serious health problems. For those working in busy food preparation areas, a lapse in concentration can lead to expensive mistakes or even prove to be dangerous.”

To receive the free fact sheet write with ‘Water Matters for Catering’ in the subject to info@bwca.org.uk

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