Care homes in Wales urged to care more for the planet

Care homes in Wales urged to care more for the planet

Care Forum Wales is urging care home owners and other social care providers to do their bit to save the planet by being careful about the products they use in their catering.

A call has gone out to care homes across Wales to support a new campaign against single-use plastic and the wholesale destruction of rainforests to make unsustainable palm oil.

The issue of palm oil hit the headlines recently after Clearcast, the body which assesses adverts against the UK code Broadcast Adverting, banned the Christmas TV advert by Deeside-based Iceland Frozen Food using a Greenpeace animation telling the story of rainforest destruction and the impact on the orangutan.

According to Clearcast, the advert was deemed too political because it highlighted the impact of palm oil on the environment.

The new Care Forum Wales strategy was agreed at a meeting of the Five Nations Group in Cardiff hosted by Care Forum Wales which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The group particularly wants to reduce the use of single use plastic and palm oil in catering and is asking members to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mario Kreft MBE, the Chair of Care Forum Wales, said: “The Five Nations Group is calling on social care providers to join the battle to combat the increasing menace posed by single-use plastic.

“The social care sector exists to serve the public good. It is an integral part of the rich and vibrant tapestry of our communities. It represents all that is decent about humanity. As the leaders of this vital sector we have the opportunity to demonstrate in a very practical sense that we also care about our planet.

“Together we provide social care for more than one million people. In order to do so, we procure huge amounts of products and resources. If we change the ways in which we do this, including the catering products we use, we can impact the environment as positively as we do the lives of the people we care for.”

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