Bidfood identifies four ‘mega’ food trends for 2019

Bidfood identifies four ‘mega’ food trends for 2019

The political environment, concerns around sustainability and food provenance are set to fuel the major food trends of 2019, according to a new insight-driven guide from Bidfood, which care home caterers may like to bear in mind when creating their own menus.

In this guide, four ‘Mega Trends’ have been identified which will influence consumer choices over the coming year:

  • Good For Me, Good For You: ‘The Blue Planet Effect’ has given rise to conscious consumers who are looking to not only improve their own health, but the health of the planet. All forms of waste are being cut back on and as a result, we’re beginning to make vegetables the stars of our plates and looking to foods like ‘trash fish’ (underutilised, normally more sustainable species of fish) and lesser-known cuts of meat for inspiration.
  • Gourmet Get Together: In this time of political uncertainty consumers are keen to have shared food experiences that bring them together with their friends and family and make them feel comforted. As a result, classic dishes invoking nostalgia are being reimagined for the modern consumer.
  • Awaken My Senses: With over 39m social media users in the UK (Statista, ‘Social Media Usage in the United Kingdom’), consumers are seeking visual and shareable content. This trend brings to life how playfulness and creativity is impacting food. Expect bright colours and experimental flavours.
  • Telling a Story: Consumers are increasingly interested in understanding the provenance of their food and the process by which it’s made. 2019 will see diners embracing seasonal produce, foraged food and artisan products which have a story behind them.

These four major trends cascade across six key international cuisines which look to dominate the food scene. Continuing to remain popular are American; Modern European; Asian and Middle Eastern food. Additionally, expect to see a burst in the popularity of Afro-Caribbean cuisine, with its rich and vibrant flavours and traditional cooking methods which maximise the taste of more underused meats such as goat. What’s more, food from Great Britain will go from strength to strength as people increasingly look for alternatives to imported goods – expect to see residents and guests choosing dishes that feature locally sourced ingredients.

Lucy Pedrick, Senior Insights Manager at Bidfood, commented: “It’s an interesting time for the food industry, with an incredibly turbulent year ahead for British politics, an ongoing focus on wellbeing and sustainability, as well as continued interest in global food.”

This “melting pot of influences” is reflected in the trends for the coming year, she said. “Our 2019 Trends Brochure not only describes each of the trend predictions, but also details the insight and inspiration behind each of them and shows how to apply them on a practical level when menu planning.”

The guide can be downloaded at

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