Meiko UK celebrates 25th anniversary

Meiko UK celebrates 25th anniversary

From its early days as an airline catering specialist located near Heathrow airport, Meiko UK has grown into a respected supplier of all types of professional warewashing equipment, now headquartered in Slough.

When the company launched 25 years ago, there was just a handful of employees; now there are 96, and turnover has risen to around £20 million from sales of a complete range of dishwash solutions including undercounter and pass-through models, pot washers and food waste handling solutions.

Says Managing Director Paul Anderson: “From the first day of trading in 1994, Meiko UK was driven by the passion of its first MD, Bill Downie. Bill’s dedication to providing the very best in customer service is legendary in the industry and in establishing Meiko UK, he put in place a close-knit team of like-minded professionals.

“Meiko has never sold ‘boxes’. We have always provided our customers with what we consider to be the best total package, backed by focused service and support and a sincere and genuine concern to secure the very best warewashing solution for the environment, as well as the customer.”

Paul says the next 25 years will provide “new and different challenges” for the company. “Our goals for the future are guided by our concern for the environment as much as business issues.
“Meiko UK is looking to benchmark a more sustainable future and we are dedicated to helping our customers minimise their consumption of water, chemicals and energy.”

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