Brakes celebrates 15-year relationship with the MSC

Brakes celebrates 15-year relationship with the MSC

It has been 15 years since Brakes became the first foodservice wholesaler to introduce Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) products into the UK foodservice market, and the company continues to use its status as a prominent supplier to the sector to promote the benefits of the non-profit organisation.

“Brakes now has more than 150 MSC lines, the largest range in foodservice, with a value in excess of £30m – a figure that increased by 3% in 2018, during which time we converted or introduced a further 15 products into MSC status,” says Sarah Wilkinson, Brakes’ Head of Food and Brand. “We were also the first national wholesaler to introduce the newly accredited MSC British Cod, helping to ensure seafood not just for today, but for future generations.”

All companies that handle or sell MSC certified products must have Chain of Custody certification, which ensures traceability of sustainable fish and seafood through every stage of processing, from fishery to final consumer.
Brakes received MSC Group certification as the first foodservice supplier in the UK in 2003, and now offers its customers the opportunity to join its MSC certificate and thereby partner in the MSC Chain of Custody.

“We’re delighted to have worked with Brakes for the past 15 years,” says Loren Hiller, MSC Commercial Officer UK and Ireland. “They were, in fact, one of the first foodservice businesses in the UK to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable seafood. Their approach has ensured that restaurants, hotels, and catering companies can offer traceable, sustainable seafood for current and future generations. This couldn’t have been possible without a concerted effort to build on their already exceptional approach to seafood sourcing, converting existing product lines to MSC and creating new innovative certified sustainable dishes.

“With the global demand for sustainable seafood growing, the MSC looks forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with Brakes, working together to ensure everybody can play a part in securing a healthy future for our oceans.”

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