Kitchen teams support Runwood Homes’ new togetherness initative

Kitchen teams support Runwood Homes’ new togetherness initative

Runwood Homes has established a new daily initiative across its entire estate which is designed to “embrace togetherness”, as staff in all departments come together for Tools Down time.

Every day at 11am staff (including kitchen, domestic, maintenance, admin, care and management) at each of the 72 Runwood Homes residential care and nursing home across the UK down tools for a period of 30 minutes. They all halt their tasks to spend quality time together with residents, including those who are limited to their bedrooms, to enjoy conversation, company and to grow companionships.

The initiative aims to keep everyone connected with meaningful engagement and communication and is in addition to the usual, ongoing, varied activities programme in each home. A Tools Down poster is displayed in all Runwood Homes to educate and remind residents, visitors and staff members about what happens.

The positive feedback from residents includes comments such as: “I thoroughly enjoy the one to one time,” and “We’re spending time with the cooks who we don’t normally see very often.”

Pictured is Stenson Court Kitchen Assistant Lisa Dacra spending time with resident Joan Perkins.

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