Kerrymaid crowns Care Dine With Me 2019 winner!

Kerrymaid crowns Care Dine With Me 2019 winner!

Jackie Hodges of the MacKenzie Centre, Inverness has led the centre to a worthy win in the Care Dine With Me 2019 competition.

A joint initiative between Care Home Catering, Kerrymaid and Bidfood, the competition which focuses on taste, quality and food values, with an emphasis on promoting wellbeing through positive nutrition, is now in its fourth year. The 2019 winner receives £3,000 to put towards further enhancing services.

Jackie, Service Improvement Lead – Residential and Support Services, NHS Highland impressed the judges with her ‘whole food, whole care’ approach at the MacKenzie Centre, a support centre for older people, including those living with dementia.

As part of a major redevelopment of how the centre works Jackie has identified a way in which the members can continue to benefit even after they have left for the day.

“We became aware that some members were not eating supper, or only having a biscuit in the evening following an attendance at the centre, often because of tiredness,” says Jackie. “So we created the Snack Pack, which includes a drink, sandwich, biscuit, piece of fruit, and a scone – cheese or plain, by request.”

The Snack Pack costs £2 and people can also take one home for their carers to give them a break from cooking.

Jackie entered the Care Dine With Me competition with her Cheese Scone, which is a popular item to make during baking club with Kerrymaid Premium Baking and Kerrymaid Buttery. The scones are also ideal for the working lunches initiative Jackie is busy getting off the ground in the on-site café, which is staffed by members.

She has exciting plans for the £3,000 prize. “The money will be put towards more sustainable Snack Pack packaging and developing our ability to support members to offer working lunches, creating an income and allowing it to be self-sufficient. Members also want to buy their own soup kettle for the working lunch project,” she says.

You can read more about the MacKenzie Centre’s winning approach to nutritional care in the Winter edition of Care Home Catering.

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