New wall-mounted system combats airborne viruses

New wall-mounted system combats airborne viruses

Specialist UK manufacturer Mechline Developments has launched HyGenikx, a revolutionary air and surface hygiene amplification system, which is proven to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses from foodservice and hospitality environments.

Requiring no costly installation, HyGenikx is a plug and play option that will help keep staff, customers, food and surfaces protected from viruses and bacteria. The compact wall-mounted system utilises a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available to produce Superoxide Ions and Plasma Quattro, which are proven to target and kill biological hazards in the kitchen, including salmonella, E.coli, norovirus, and other primary sources of infections.

In addition, HyGenikx has been proven to eliminate harmful listeria in an independent validation study carried out by ALS laboratories – the UK’s leading provider of food and drink testing services.

The HyGenikx range is also proven to extend the shelf-life of stored, perishable fresh food by an average of 58%, with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer, presenting an opportunity for significant food waste and cost reductions.

Nick Falco, product and technical director at Mechline commented: “Food safety and infection control is a priority for all foodservice operators who are under pressure to ensure the highest of hygiene standards. Microorganisms spread infections, compromise hygiene standards, cause food to spoil, create offensive odours, and can multiply very quickly.

“HyGenikx perfectly complements existing HACCP procedures, providing round the clock hygiene and safety protection in even the hardest to reach areas – keeping customers and staff safe and odours under control. Furthermore, all this peace of mind doesn’t have to cost the earth as HyGenikx models start from as little as £280 and require no costly installation.”

In response to the increase in interest for HyGenikx following the Coronavirus outbreak, Falco added: “Coronaviruses can be spread through the air (viral particles from cough or sneeze) and on surfaces with viral particles infecting hands which then touch the mouth, nose or eyes. Obviously, we cannot categorically state HyGenikx would remove this specific Coronavirus as there is not sufficient detail freely available – however our technology has been tested against similar virus’ in the same family, along with a wide variety of harder to kill microorganisms outside of the human body. All varieties tested have been reduced or eliminated.”

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