Encore Care Homes nominated for top national award

Encore Care Homes nominated for top national award

Bournemouth-based Encore Care Homes has been shortlisted as a finalist in the National Care Home Awards’ category of Best Nutrition, Food or Dining Experience.

The award nomination focused on the work of head chef David Black and his catering team at Oakdale care home. The judges were especially impressed by his considered approach to each resident’s past medical history and how current medication affects their interaction with food.

Black recognises that food and nutrition is a very important element of the care that a resident receives at Oakdale in Poole: “Preparing freshly cooked, nutritional meals is a top priority for me and this is something that I have been delivering from the outset. I strive to inject passion and personality into our meals, that will not only provide our residents with their nutritional needs, but it also makes the dining experience enjoyable and continually varied.”

He added: “When creating the weekly menu, we take into consideration all of our residents’ specific requirements and ensure that we are producing balanced meals that both appeal to the taste buds but also have a positive impact on their health. There are often many misconceptions that are made surrounding an elderly person’s diet. For example, it is necessary to incorporate some fat into the diet. Omega fats that are commonly found in oily fish can help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and can reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Rachel Dryden, chief executive of Encore, said: “I am extremely delighted that David Black and his team have received this recognition for their hard work at Oakdale care home. This passion and commitment to the food and nutrition of residents is what sets us apart in the care industry. It’s always very satisfying to see the personal touch that our staff extend to all our residents throughout Encore.”

The Care Home Awards 2020 takes place on May 15 in London.

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