Herb gardens to flowers - Runwood starts gardening contest

Runwood Homes has launched its Blooming Marvellous gardening competition.

From herb gardens to floral displays, residents of Runwood Homes are being encouraged to take part in its Blooming Marvellous gardening competition.

The beginning of May marks the start of the contest, which sees residents and team members work together to create vibrant gardens and outdoor spaces.

Runwood says gardening is a popular and social pastime for residents, enhancing wellbeing and purpose. Home teams are encouraged to set up their gardening club over the course of the competition, so residents, relatives and team members all have the chance to take part, even if it is just to sit and watch and enjoy the fresh air and warm weather. 

Every home shows unique ways to enhance their outdoor spaces, growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs from seed, planting bright and beautiful flowers and creating comfortable outdoor seating areas to enjoy a moment of calm under the sunshine.

Homes must send in before and after photos of their garden, along with descriptions of what they have done by the closing date, 29 July. The home will also be judged in person during garden visits. The priority and focus on entries should reflect residents’ involvement.

The competition links in with Runwood Homes Dignity theme for May: The great outdoors - we are all gardeners.

A spokesperson says: "The competition really is a great way for residents, team members and relatives to spend time in the home’s gardens during the summer months, working together to create something they can all be proud of. The garden is a relaxing place to spend time, whether that’s to enjoy a quiet morning tea or coffee, a chat with friends, or doing a spot of gardening. Every year we are so impressed by the standard of entries, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what homes do this year as well."

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