Maintenance man Wally builds ice cream cart for residents

Maintenance man Wally has created the ice cream cart for residents as summer arrives.

A care home maintenance man has turned old furniture - as well as a wheel from a wheelchair - into an ice-cream cart for residents.

Waldemar Perlik - better known at the home as Wally - made the cart for residents at Avalon and other homes at provider Camelot Care, where he has worked for 13 years.

"I enjoy making things with my hands, and I understand that sometimes the things that may bring the most pleasure to our residents can be a bit old-fashioned and not easy to get hold of," he says. “So creating something like the ice-cream cart from scratch, using whatever I can find, may be the only affordable solution. The cart took me a while to put together, but the smiles on their faces tell me it was worth all the effort.”

Activities co-ordinator Lisa Priddice adds: “We were delighted when Wally told us what he was planning to do – what a fun and interesting way to boost health and nutrition. Ice-cream boosts residents’ fluid intake and helps keep them cool when the weather is warm, so when it’s sunny we shall be using this all the time.

“And when it’s not so warm, it can transport other things like popcorn and hot dogs, which I know will amuse the people we support when they’re enjoying cinema or performance activities. We think Wally is amazing and very talented, and he’s always going that extra mile for our residents.

“We’d all like to say a big thank you for the love and hard work he put into producing this beautiful cart.”

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