Lockhart provides update on Sustainable Futures progress

At its recent conference for customers and suppliers, Lockhart shared what it has learnt about sustainability and providing sustainable business solutions

At a recent conference, which was attended by both customers and suppliers, Lockhart Catering Equipment provided an update on the significant progress that it has already made on its Sustainable Futures programme and the three pillars of People, Customers, and Suppliers. 

The conference itself is a key part of the programme as it provides Lockhart with the opportunity to share what it has learnt about sustainability and providing sustainable business solutions.

From a packaging perspective, 50% of exclusive brands have removed single use plastic from their packaging entirely, while two out of three exclusive cutlery brands now wrap product in tissue paper and banded paper.  In addition, plastic sleeves from Artisan and Crème crockery ranges have been replaced with cardboard, which alone is estimated to reduce 109Kg of plastic each year, 100% recyclable honeycomb protection has replaced plastic bubble wrap in many products and plastic tape has been swapped for paper carton sealing tape. Combined, this is predicted to reduce a further 2,600Kg of plastic each year.  Furthermore, plastic ‘documents enclosed’ envelopes have been replaced by paper alternatives, thus saving an additional 400Kg per year.

Beyond packaging, 80% of Lockhart’s 202 UK employees are recruited from the local area, thus helping to reduce travel pollution, with 100% of these paid at least the living wage.  In addition, Lockhart is championing the level of diversity programmes, such as Inspiring Women in Bunzl and Inspiring Ethnicity in Bunzl with 630 hours of unconscious bias training being delivered throughout 2024.

Simon Britten, Head of Marketing at Lockhart explains why sustainability is so high on the agenda, saying: “We have a deep understanding of the role that Lockhart plays in providing sustainable products and delivering a sustainable supply chain. We are in the enviable position of being able to provide knowledge and expertise to our customers and guidance for our suppliers. As such, what we do as a company has far reaching impact across the industry. Our 2050 net zero target can only be achieved by a combined approach that has everybody on board.”

Lockhart has a dedicated sustainability portal for customers and suppliers, where they can discover more about the company’s sustainability goals and aspirations. Visit:  www.lockhart.co.uk/sustainability

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