VfL reveals ideas to mark National Vegetarian Week

Charity Vegetarian for Life has unveiled a series of ideas to mark National Vegetarian Week (10-17 May) in care homes.

Charity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) has unveiled a series of ideas to celebrate National Vegetarian Week (10-17 May) in care homes.

Not only are the ideas designed to make both vegetarian and vegan residents feel included, but also introduce meat-eating residents to new dishes.

Here, the charity reveals its top tips:

  • Run a vegan food tasting session. For example, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, plant milks, faux meat products, tofu or hummus and veggie dips.
  • Experiment with more unusual ingredients, such as banana blossom ‘fish’ or jackfruit curry. You might even use silken tofu to make a mousse, quiche or scrambled tofu. Play ‘guess the ingredient’ first, and let residents suggest what you might make with it – a great way to start discussions and share experiences. It’s also a good sensory activity because people can see, touch, smell and taste the different foods.
  • Whether vegetarian or not, many people have a favourite meal that just happens to be meat-free. Those that do consider themselves vegan will likely enjoy being able to reminisce and share why they follow this lifestyle. Print photos of common vegetarian products from years gone by or find old vegetarian cookbooks to encourage conversation.
  • Invite a VfL chef to deliver a virtual or in-person cookery demo for your residents. They will take the pressure off your chefs and activity co-ordinators, and deliver a themed demo for you.
  • Get involved with our virtual vegan lunch club on the fourth Tuesday of every month. It’s open to vegetarians, vegans and ‘meat reducers’, aged 65+. Each month follows a different theme, and upcoming events include:

Afternoon tea – 27th April
Curry night – 25th May
Garden picnic – 22nd June

  • We also run a veggie pen- and phone-pals scheme. The scheme has linked tens of like-minded people from across the UK, and many lasting friendships have been forged.