Care provider launches bite-sized food initiative

Runwood Homes has launched a bite-sized food initiative to support residents with dementia.

A care provider has launched a bite-sized nutrition initiative to support people living with dementia.

Runwood Homes' group hospitality manager Chris Williams and group development chef James Cotton hope to further educate kitchen teams across the group on suitable foods for residents with complex needs.

Dementia can lead to co-ordination difficulties, which means that using cutlery efficiently can be a task. Residents living with Parkinson’s, arthritis or recovering from a stroke may also have difficulty utilising cutlery.

The initiative was created as a way to further improve the mealtime experience for residents and aims to promote dignity and independence. It will also provide a nutritionally balanced diet, providing finger foods that aren't buffet-style. 

Williams said: “Our bite-sized nutrition initiative provides a nutritionally balanced diet and is person-centred, meaning residents who may not have felt comfortable eating certain foods can now feel included.

“Myself and James Cotton, group development chef, are excited about training our chefs with these simple recipes to prepare, cook and serve.”

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