apetito podcast helps to manage malnutrition

In acknowledgement of the recent Malnutrition Awareness week, apetito dieticians, host a podcast which provides tips on managing the condition

In acknowledgment of the recent Malnutrition Awareness week, apetito dietitians, Emily Stuart and Sophia Cornelius have hosted  a special podcast relating to this year’s theme ‘Ask, Look, Listen’ where they share their ‘Top Tips’ on how care homes can ensure residents are getting the right nutrition,

Receiving the right nutrition and hydration is essential to physical wellbeing, yet malnutrition is one of the most pressing nutritional issues care homes are facing.  It’s estimated that nearly one in four residents enter a care home with the condition.

Emily Stuart, explains: “Malnutrition affects approximately three million people in the UK, despite it being largely preventable.Malnutrition Awareness Week has enormous value in signposting the issue and as a company that has immense expertise within its team, we are keen to share our knowledge and support care homes dealing with this issue.

“We hope that by talking about how this condition affects care homes and hospitals, and sharing our Top Tips, we’ll be able to help those caring for residents who would value guidance on recognising and treating malnutrition”.

To listen to the podcast, visit: https://apetito.link/MAWPodcast

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