The great breakfast debate - Weetabix with hot milk or cold?

A poll of 2,000 consumers revealed that 72% prefer to have their Weetbix with cold milk like Craig Revel Horwood, while 27%, including Linda Robson, insist on hot milk

It’s one of the most pressing questions of our age - what is the right way to enjoy Weetabix?  Fans of the nation’s favourite breakfast cereal have had their say on whether it’s better with hot or cold milk and the results take the biscuit!.

A poll of 2,000 consumers who eat the popular breakfast have had crunch talks and the overwhelming majority (72%), like it with cold milk, rather than the 27% per cent that go against the grain and enjoy their milk hot, with just under half of them (43%), preferring it to be heated to boiling point. 

While some like it (very) hot, Weetabix advises the optimum Heatabix serve is achieved by placing the bowl of milk in a microwave for exactly 81 seconds at 800w, making it a safe and toasty temperature for consumption.

The hot versus cold #debatethetbix has sparked a piping hot dispute on social media in recent days, with a host of major brands including Innocent Drinks, Iceland and Vodafone sharing their opinions.

One Team Hot ‘X’ user remarked, “Cavemen didn’t invent fire for me to be having cold food”, while another revealed her family’s divide; “Always cold! Although my brother has it hot!”

One commenter relayed their bizarre take on the hot and cold debate; “A splash of boiling water then add cold milk. Smells wonderful”. Another said: “People eat it cold? Really?”.

Along with the likes of Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel Horwood - who is firmly Team #ColdBix - and Loose Women star, Linda Robson, who cereal-sly enjoys her ‘bix with hot milk

.The celebs are so impassioned about the topic that they’ve taken to the streets of London to quiz the public on their milk temperature preferences at breakfast.

Cold milk fan Craig said: “Of course my morning Weetabix has got to be with cold milk. It’s got crunch, it’s refreshing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, darling. #ColdBix has got a solid 10 out of 10 from me.” 

While hot milk supporter Linda said: “I’m more of a hot-milk kind of woman. I love the way it warms me up from the inside out and starts my day off, especially during the colder winter months.”

However, the study found people’s preferences can change depending on the weather. When it’s colder outside just under a third of us (28%) are more likely to go for hot milk. 

But hot or cold isn’t where opinions on this culinary controversy end. The study commissioned by the makers of the nation’s favourite cereal found the ideal serving amount is two biscuits, with just under a third (27%) of ‘bix-obsessed Brits opting for three or more biscuits.

The survey has also uncovered that a third (33%) of Weetabix consumers admit to enjoying their ‘bix soggy, with almost a fifth (18%) insisting that it must be crunchy.

And of those who have milk with Weetabix – which is almost everyone – 87% add the milk after they’ve placed their biscuits in the bowl, while 7% go against the grain and pour the milk in first!. Carried out through OnePoll, the study found 63% like the breakfast the same way now as they did when they were children.


The leading brand has pulled together the perfect guide for those who choose to ‘Heatabix’ or ‘Weetabix’. If you’re heating the biscuits up, 81 seconds is the optimum length of time in the microwave. For those who opt for the crunch, 135ml of cold milk as opposed to 150ml of warm milk if you want it hot. A spokesperson for Weetabix said: “Weetabix has always been versatile in how it can be enjoyed, and having been around for over 90 years, it’s nowonder people will enjoy it in different ways. This can even be a great debate topic amongst families who have different ways of eating ‘bix, which iswhy it remains a family favourite at breakfast time. Our position is, there is no right or wrong way – hot or cold are both delicious.”

Weetabix has partnered with behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, to determine what your preferred milk choice says about you. She comments: “Contrary to what you might think, how you have your Weetabix may indicate as much about your character as your personality itself.”

“The typical profile of someone on Team #HotBix likes their home comforts, relishes nostalgia and is known as a sociable person. On the other hand, those on Team #ColdBix are something of a traditionalist who likes routine and planning ahead – leading to potential avoidant attachment styles.”

“It’s been fun and intriguing to work with Weetabix to unpack these nuances and discover such big character indicators based on milk choices - from now on you’ll definitely be curious about how others have theirs!”

Join the Weetabix the #debatethebix online, using #HotBix or #ColdBix to show your favourite.

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