Hoshizaki opens a new innovation centre

The opening of the new innovation and training centre marks 30 years of manufacturing at Hoshizaki’s Telford facility

To mark three decades of manufacturing in its Telford factory, Hoshizaki has invested £100,000 into the provision of a state-of-the-art innovation and training centre.

Simon Frost, Hoshiaki's Managing Director, UK and Ireland comments: We are thrilled to have opened the centre in line with the 30-year anniversary of Hoshizaki’s Telford production facility.. When Hoshizaki first began manufacturing from Telford in 1994, we had around 20 employees and were producing an average of 20 units per day. Now, we have 175 employees at Telford and the capacity to make over 130 units per day.”

He continues: “Year-on-year, Hoshizaki UK continues to grow and evolve. We are committed to investing in our company and our customers, and the new centre is a perfect example of translating words into action.”

Home to the core collection of Hoshizaki ice machines and refrigerators, the centre not only offers a showroom for customers to see Hoshizaki products in person, but also serves as a hub for key product demonstrations and training days, both of which can be arranged either in-person or virtually, thanks to Hoshizaki’s investment in a high-tech system that facilitates high-quality livestreaming.

As well as the new centre, Hoshizaki UK is also working on a major factory expansion that will see the Telford site gain 40% more storage space, a 230% increase in foaming areas for better flow, and most importantly, a projected production unit capability of 50,000 units per year.

To arrange a product or training demonstration at Hoshizaki’s innovation centre, contact [email protected]

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