Rational introduces the iHexagon

Hailed as the beginning of a new era, the iHexagon combines the use of steam, hot air and microwave technology to deliver high quality food at speed

Following its announcement that it was launching a new product that would mark the beginning of a new era, Rational has made good on its promise with the introduction of the iHexagon, which cleverly combines the use of steam, hot air and microwave technology.

Markus Paschmann, chief sales and marketing officer at Rational, who was joined by experts from Rational’s research and development and project team presented the iHexagon in an online keynote speech, which focused on the core element of the new model: iClimateBoost. This cooking assistant intelligently adjusts steam, convection and microwave heat to the respective food, thus enabling operators to produce the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

The iHexagon is aimed in particular at customers whose business concept is focused equally on quality and speed, as it is capable of generating substantial quantities, making it the ideal choice when preparing meals for large gatherings. Equally, due to its speed, it is able to quickly serve fresh food or heat up snacks in just a few seconds and will also be useful in kitchens that produce standardised dishes and processes, as this is where ConnectedCooking, Rational’s digital kitchen management system, really comes into its own.

For example, MyDisplay, which shows the most important functions individually on the display, can be set up via ConnectedCooking and distributed to all cooking systems and at the touch of a button.

In addition, the iHexagon features autonomous cleaning with iCareSystem AutoDose, where cleaner and care cartridges are integrated into the cooking system and are thus securely contained, eliminating contact with chemicals.


The iHexagon is now available in Germany, the UK and the USA, with other countries to follow gradually.

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