HiT and Connect2Care Heroes Award Winners announced

The Heroes Awards aim to recognise the important role that apprenticeships play in the hospitality and care sectors

National training provider HiT Training (HiT), has crowned Joe Baker from St Austell Brewery as the HIT Hero Apprentice of the Year and Beata Beevor from Windsor Street Care Centre as the Connect2Care (C2C) Hero Apprentice of the Year.

The Heroes Awards aims to recognise the important role that apprenticeships play in empowering people of all ages and walks of life in the hospitality and care industries. The awards highlight the amazing work of both apprentices and apprenticeship employers across the country and celebrate the individual drive and development of apprentices to become future leaders.

Beata Beevor comments: “My decision to work in adult care was more than a career choice. It was a lifestyle choice and a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for adults in various stages of care. I have received incredible support during my apprenticeship training from my C2C Vocational Trainer Anna Williams. I faced some challenging moments, especially during the transition from one care home to another, but Anna always believed in me and tailored my professional development discussions to suit my needs.

“My goals for the next two years centre on lifelong learning, career advancement and an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of the people under my care.”

Joe Baker comments: “Learning how to develop a recipe design as part of my apprenticeship has been incredible as it allows me some creativity within the industry and recognition too. This is how my beer design ended up in Wetherspoons!

“The experience has inspired me to carry on progressing within the company, either taking on more leadership and responsibility or by continuing to produce beers and recipes that are well received and enjoyed by many.”

Mike Worley, Managing Director at HIT Training, says: “The recognition that Joe and Beata have received is well deserved. They have both gone above and beyond, showcasing the results of their hard work and talent from their apprenticeships.

“I’d like to wish a huge congratulations to all of our apprentice and employer winners for both hospitality and care sectors. The stories are truly inspiring and it’s fantastic to see the future of these industries is in talented hands.”

For further information on the HIT Heroes winners, visit: https://hitheroes.co.uk/hall-of-fame/

For further information on the C2C Heroes winners, visit: https://c2cheroes.co.uk/hall-of-fame/


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