Homes Together focuses on growth

Under the leadership of chief executive David Ashton-Jones, the company has taken strategic steps to position itself for long-term success

A provider of care for disabled people in Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, and Gateshead, has made significant investments over the last 12 months to expand its services and facilitate ongoing growth.

Under the leadership of chief executive, David Ashton-Jones, Homes Together has taken strategic steps to position itself for long-term success in a challenging environment, while also ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to its service users.

Throughout the last year, Homes Together has invested in various areas of the business with the aim of strengthening its operations to ensure improvements in overall productivity and performance.

Moving forward, the company will be strengthening its foundations in order to unlock additional opportunities to expand its services in the future. One area of growth is within the leadership team, with Homes Together announcing the creation of new roles, including a director of care, thus facilitating a more cohesive management structure and bringing together divisional directors under one accountable leader.

David Ashton-Jones expressed his excitement about the growth and progress of the company, stating: "We have heavily invested in restructuring our organisation, expanding staff, and implementing a robust care management system as well as focusing on filling the gaps we have previously had within the team.

“We have seen a 17% increase in our headcount over the last 12 months and created new roles, such as a support manager to help address on-site challenges across all services. This consolidation year has laid the groundwork for a prosperous future. We are looking forward to strengthening our regional partnerships and creating meaningful connections with the people and businesses in our community."

The company has also made renovations across some of its homes to further cater to the needs of its care users as the company remains committed to its goal of providing exceptional care services.

Ashton-Jones continues: " During the next 12 months we will focus on optimising and refining the newly implemented systems while ensuring all procedures are in place to enhance the overall care experience.

“We firmly believe that these investments will benefit both our service users and services themselves. By embracing new ways of working and implementing robust systems, we are confident that Homes Together will continue to provide exceptional care for our service users as well as making positive changes in the local communities in which we operate."

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