Dining for a sustainable future

apetito’s new menus, which feature poultry, fish and plant-based options, will help to limit the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions

In support of reducing the carbon emissions associated with mealtimes, apetito, has launched its reduced carbon menus to homes across the UK.

Through prioritising using ingredients with a lower carbon footprint and encouraging less red meat in favour of poultry, fish and plant-based options, these menus help to limit impacts on the environment by reducing the carbon emissions. The focus is on making small, yet smart, changes, all while ensuring that residents continue to enjoy ample meal choices and variety.

Richard Woodward, general manager for Care Homes at apetito comments: “As a business, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting the homes that we work with on their journey to do the same, whilst still delivering an appealing, varied, and nutritious menu to residents that caters for diverse dietary needs.

“This is not about demonising any one ingredient; it’s about making small changes to deliver a significant difference at a time when climate change is of increasing concern to us all.

“We hope to continue seeing good adoption of this by homes that we partner with moving forwards.”

He adds that as well as reducing carbon emissions, these menus do not compromise when it comes to quality, nutritional value, or the individual dietary needs of residents with specialised nutritional solutions available for those with specific requirements.

Focusing on the carbon impact of this initiative, adoption of these menus is estimated to save approximately 2,600kg CO2e per year – the equivalent of driving over 9,600 miles in a car or boiling 66,000 kettles - thus demonstrating how even making small dietary changes can have a large positive impact.

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