Elevating the mealtime experience at Aria Court

Aria Court’s commitment to excellence has taken a new form, with the introduction of the Mealtime Champions initiative that seeks to enhance residents’dining experiences in a meaningful way

Mealtime holds a special place in the rhythm of daily life at Aria Court care home in March, where excellence is not just a goal, but a standard that is upheld at all times.

Now, this commitment to excellence takes a new form with the introduction of the Mealtime Champions initiative, enhancing the dining experience for residents in a meaningful way and reinforcing the whole home approach to all aspects of care home life.

At its core, the Mealtime Champions concept revolves around presentation, service, portion sizes, and individuality. Each meal is crafted to be more than just sustenance; it is an occasion to be eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. Whether it's a hearty breakfast or an elegant dinner, every dish is prepared with attention to detail.

Head Chef Tyler Horton spearheaded the Mealtime Champions initiative, driven by his passion for elevating every aspect of the dining experience.

“We eat with our eyes, says Tyler, “Food has to look good and smell good if it is going be eaten, and the way it is presented becomes even more important as people get older and may be less enthusiastic about food.”

“We’re a busy kitchen at Aria Court with four separate communities to be served at each mealtime. Our trollies are in and out regularly and it sometimes just isn’t possible for the kitchen team to go out with them, as we are here in the kitchen clearing and preparing for the next mealtime.”

To ensure that each meal meets the diverse dietary needs of residents, including modified foods and special diets, the kitchen operates round the clock. From classic comfort foods to gourmet delights, the aim is to serve homely meals with the finesse of a high-end hotel, steering clear of any institutionalised approach.

Regularly engaging with residents and families for feedback, the kitchen team adjust their offerings based on preferences, thus ensuring a truly person-centred approach to dining.

The implementation of the Mealtime Champions scheme involves simple yet effective training for the team members from Tyler, equipping them with the tools and techniques to enhance each meal's presentation.

There are hints about how to get the best looking mashed potatoes on the plate and garnishes to add before serving - whether it's a sprig of fresh herbs grown in the Aria Court garden or a lemon twist, these subtle touches add an extra layer of delight to the dining table.

However, the ultimate measure of success lies in the residents' satisfaction. While some may embrace the heightened dining experience, others may prefer a simpler fare – and that's perfectly okay. The Mealtime Champions approach respects individual preferences, ensuring that every resident feels valued and catered to.

In essence, the introduction of Mealtime Champions at Aria Court signifies a commitment to excellence and person-centred care. It's not just about serving meals; it's about creating moments, one plate at a time.

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