Team recreates daughter's wedding day for resident

A care home team put on a wedding celebration to remember after one of its residents was not able to attend her daughter’s ceremony in America.

A care team recreated a wedding reception for a mother of the bride after she missed her daughter's special day in Las Vegas.

Managers at Isle Court Nursing Home in Bicton surprised resident Brenda Johnson, who was unable to travel to the wedding, by recreating the big day in the home's grounds.

Brenda’s daughter and new son-in-law, Alison and Craig Bennet, arrived in their wedding outfits and dined in style after tying the knot last month. The couple have been together for five years and got married at the end of June.

Social life co-ordinators Debbie Rees and Christian Lugtu organised a beautifully decorated marquee and served a special afternoon tea and handcrafted wedding cake prepared by Morris Care head chef Matthew. Fellow residents were invited to the celebration and spent the afternoon in the sunshine with the happy couple

Claire Harris, general manager at Isle Court said “The wedding reception was a huge surprise for Brenda, who was delighted to see Alison in her beautiful dress and feel part of such a special occasion.  We were thrilled to host the surprise wedding reception for such a special family.”

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