Cambridge-based care home spreads the festive cheer

Home manager Lizzie Edgar and her teams from the Rheola and Fitzwilliam House Care Homes in Cambridge fed homeless people on New Year’s Eve

Over the festive period, Lizzie Edgar, the manager of two Cambridge-based care homes, Rheola and Fitzwilliam House has been spreading festive cheer in St Ives, while also supporting the most vulnerable members of the community.

For the last few years, as well as providing a splendid Christmas lunch for residents at the care homes,  Lizzie and her team have also  been delivering meals to elderly people who are spending Christmas on their own. During the first year of offering this service, Lizzie delivered two Christmas meals, but with word spreading year after year, over 20 meals were delivered in 2023.

However, the good deeds for 2023 didn’t stop there, as Lizzie and her team also decided to feed homeless people in the area on New Year’s Eve too!  Blair, the chef at Fitzwilliam House, cooked a large batch of jacket potatoes and chilli con carne, which he boxed up and took to the local homeless shelter where it was very gratefully accepted. Due to the positive reaction this small act of kindness received , the Rheola and Fitzwilliam teams are now planning to volunteer at the shelter this year to further support the homeless people in their community. Thanks to Lizzie, her team, and their generous efforts over the festive period, Christmas in Cambridge shone a bit brighter this year.

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