Creed Foodservice launches ‘The Dining Experience’ guide

The new guide provides advice and guidance for optimising mealtimes for residents and creating a calmer and more comfortable experience

One of the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers, has produced a new guide for care caterers which provides advice and guidance for optimising mealtimes for residents, with a view to creating calmer, more comfortable experiences that mimic dining at home.

According to Creed Foodservice, a positive dining experience is crucial in care homes as it not only influences the enjoyment of a meal, which can help to improve appetites that naturally diminish as we age, but mealtimes also provide residents with time to socialise and food often evokes feelings of nostalgia.

Creed’s care sector specialist, Andy Williams, explains: “Ensuring residents’ mealtimes are delivered with great care and attention to detail and providing them with a positive and enjoyable dining experience, is something we take pride in at Creed. Particularly when it comes to the next generation of residents, the Baby Boomers, who have increasingly higher expectations of food and drink provision, with a huge 80% saying they would pay a premium for better quality food and hospitality in a care setting. This guide is short and practical, outlining adjustments that can be made that will change the dining experience for residents exponentially.”

The Dining Experience’ guide takes an in-depth look at three key elements that form the dining experience, including person-centric initiatives, creating a positive ambience and practical table setting tips. The guide has been created by Creed’s team of experts, including development chefs, the insights team and the company’s care sector specialists. It also includes tips that are adaptable to suit the diverse needs of residents.

Advice on Being Person-Centric centres around planning ahead to ensure all residents’ needs are understood before dining, with protected mealtimes to give consistency and structure. The Dining Ambience looks at everything from lighting, through to noise and music recommendations, as well as food and drink presentation and formats. Whilst Setting The Scene suggestions explore the creative use of crockery, cutlery, drinkware and colour to create an interesting, yet practical, mealtime set-up for residents.

Alongside The Dining Experience guide for care homes, Creed offers a plethora of resources to help homes with cost challenges, allergen management and menu planning. From three-week menu cycles with accompanying recipe cards, to the latest insights and research gathered nationally.

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