Regale invests to expand delivery facilities

The company has invested £305,000 in expanding its headquarters, increasing warehouse space and improving equipment and facilities

As a leading supplier of microwaves, accelerated cooking ovens and associated accessories for commercial kitchens, Regale Microwaves has invested £305,000 in expanding its headquarters, significantly increasing warehousing space and improving equipment and facilities.

This investment which follows significant growth, enables the company to maintain its next working day delivery target for orders made by 2pm - a key USP from when the company was founded 40 years ago.

Managing Director Iain Phillips explained:"We focus specifically on microwaves and high-speed cooking ovens which means we really know the products we sell. This investment has provided us with ample warehouse space to hold every single SKU in stock, enabling faster order fulfilment - we can deliver to the whole of mainland UK on the next working day and do it free of charge.

 “By investing in office space and technologies that enhance operational efficiency and alleviate the burden on staff, we are underscoring our commitment to working smarter, not harder, while optimising cost-effectiveness and service quality.”

The expansion includes acquiring a new building adjacent to the existing HQ, now transformed into a dedicated distribution centre with an all-new service facility and office space.

In addition, Regale has also allocated £30,000 towards equipment enhancements, including a Push-back racking system and a bespoke vacuum lifting machine. These improvements optimise storage capacity and streamline the process of preparing microwaves with Microsave liners.

Overall, the investment has led to a remarkable 80% increase in warehouse capacity, thus showcasing Regale's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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