Family meals at Ashlynn Grange celebrate diversity and community

The Peterborough-based care home has introduced family meals for the care team that feature dishes from around the world

Ashlynn Grange in Peterborough has always prided itself on creating a warm and welcoming environment for its residents and the team who work at the home.

Recently, head chef Gavin has taken this mission a step further by introducing family meals for the team featuring dishes from around the world. This initiative not only fosters a sense of community but is also raising funds for charity, reinforcing the home's commitment to both care and compassion.

Gavin explains: “The idea behind these family meals is simple – we’re bringing people together through the universal experience of sharing food, creating a dining experience that makes everyone feel at home.”

Gavin was inspired by the diverse backgrounds of the team at Ashlynn Grange where many of the team members come from overseas, including countries like India and Nepal, and this diversity is reflected in the meals prepared.

Every other week, Gavin and kitchen team member Raj, prepare a special meal on Sunday, chosen by one of their colleagues. These meals will also coincide with various religious and cultural festivals, thus enabling everyone to celebrate and learn about each other’s traditions. The initiative started modestly with just four participants but quickly grew, with 10 and then 15 joining in.

The first dish Gavin prepared was lamb biryani, made as authentically as possible. Following this, he created Momo, a delicious dumpling with a variety of spices that hold the secret to its unique flavour. He hadn’t made Momo before and Gavin's willingness to experiment with new recipes and accommodate requests has been a key factor in the success of these meals. He is even considering serving dishes from South Africa, where he was born and raised, one week.

“These meals offer more than just a taste of home; they are a fun event that fosters a family atmosphere and provides a chance for all of our team to chat and bond around the meal table,” reports Gavin.

“The sense of camaraderie that develops from these shared experiences is invaluable, creating a synergy that enhances the working environment at Ashlynn Grange.”

All team members who enjoy the meal donate a small sum of money – the proceeds from this are split between the RSPCA and a charity dedicated to researching children's cancers.

This adds an extra layer of meaning to the initiative, as participants know they are contributing to worthy causes while enjoying delicious food and good company.

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