Become a Trail Blazer in the Rational challenge

Rational UK has launched its new TrialBlazer campaign, which invites businesses to take the six-week Rational iVario challenge.

Rational is famously synonymous with the combi-steamer, but whilst its iVario isn't as well known, it's gaining popularity as a gamechanger in professional kitchens. Accordingly, Rational is inviting businesses who are curious about the iVario, to trial its benefits in their kitchens, for free, by participating in the TrialBlazer challenge.

This free trial offers businesses the opportunity to have an iVario technologically advanced bratt pan installed and running in their kitchen for six weeks, backed by a tailor-made training and support package throughout the period. The trial is available on all iVario models suited for hospitality and catering professional kitchens.

Alex Signorelli, owner/proprietorof Signorelli's Deli comments, "We decided to trial the iVario to expand our corporate catering opportunities. Following the trial, we were motivated to invest in our own iVario due to the remarkable transformation it brought to our food offerings and the significant boost in kitchen productivity, all with minimal effort." 

Throughout the six-week trial kitchen teams are supported by a Rational professional chef and, in addition, Rational isalso  providing a full package of accessories. At the end of the six weeks trial the operator can hand the iVario back, at no cost to them, or may choose to purchase or lease the cooking system.

Robbie Mukherjee, owner/proprietor of MUCK a G’s Pie Company enthuses: "The support provided during and after the loan period has been wonderful, whether on the phone or in person. The equipment's efficiency for cooking larger batches and its versatile settings are superb. It outperforms cooking in pots on a commercial hob, and cleaning between batches is a breeze. Further, it also takes up less space compared to a commercial hob, which is fantastic." 

For further infrmation about the TrialBlazer promotion, contact Rational visit:

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